Tracheostomy Cannula Exchange Guide

Tracheostomy Cannula Exchange Guide

DEAS Tracheostomy Cannula Exchange Guides are designed for the safe replacement of tracheostomy tubes, using the Seldinger technique and with the ability to ventilate/oxygenate during the procedure.


  • optimal ratio between the outer diameter of the guide and the inner diameter of the cannula that facilitates the sliding
  • reduced distal step between the cannula and the guide for easy reinsertion of the cannula
  • removable 15M connector
  • for ventilation/oxygenation
  • distal holes for high oxygen flow
  • atraumatic rounded closed tip with holes
  • centimeter depth markers for precise insertion
  • available in two color-coded sizes for tracheostomy tube DI 7 and 8
  • made of flexible and soft material
  • disposable and sterile
  • phthalates-free and latex-free

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