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Respect for the Environment

Environmental Policy UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

The Environment is a primary concern to DEAS as we are committed to assure continuous improvement of all our activities.

DEAS s.r.l design and develop, produces and sells sterile and non sterile medical devices.

During our assets, we are committed safeguarding the environment in the following ways:

  • Work in compliance with environmental legislation, internal regulations and all the requirements related to contractual agreements;
  • Systematically review our Environmental Policy aiming at continuous improvement;
  • Minimize each significant environmental impact; therefore the safeguard of the environment into all workplaces provides a key target of Deas S.r.l;
  • Open dialogue with the public about the environmental effects of our business while assuring cooperation with public authorities;
  • Promote responsibility and sensitivity at all staff levels, with appropriate information and training programs encouraging involvement to ensure that the Environmental Policy is effectively implemented as part of their responsibilities;
  • Focus on relationships with suppliers that are able to provide products and services that comply with our Environmental Policy;
  • Evaluate the use of raw materials that are more environmentally friendly than those currently in use; assess in advance the environmental impact of new processes and equipments;
  • Reduce to a minimum the production of polluting emissions, conserve water and groundwater, prevent accidental spills of hazardous substances and waste of energy and other resources
  • Encourage recycling, recovery when possible and better waste disposal.

DEAS Management is directly involved in the implementation of these guidelines and in the definition of measurable objectives that allow periodic testing of this policy by all stakeholders.

All information in this website has no contractual value. It concerns medical devices that can only be used by healthcare professionals. Unqualified operators/entities are not entitled to use such information. Deas does not respond to any technical or commercial information request arising from patients.