Fixed oxygen concentration CPAP therapy system

FLOWONE OXYFIX is an all-in-one ready-to-use system that allows for safe, easy, and efficient CPAP therapy. It enhances flow and generates a positive airway pressure in accordance with the set oxygen flow rate. The FiO2 remains within approximately 40% to 50%.

Safely and easily set-up CPAP therapy

  1. The open system works without a mechanical valve and eliminates barotrauma and asphyxia risks.
  2. The built-in manometer helps monitor the proper CPAP therapy pressure.
  3. The BFE/VFE exhalation respiratory filter prevents cross-contamination.
  4. The nebuliser permits inline medicinal therapy.

FLOWONE OXYFIX continuously adapts to the specific medical treatment and the patient’s needs. Minimal operator training is required.

Advantages & benefits

  • Directly connectable to an O2 flowmeter
  • Low oxygen consumption
  • Variable PEEP levels by adjusting the flow rate. No PEEP valves needed
  • Built-in 0-20 cm H2O manometer
  • Open system for greater safety of use. The patient can easily breathe through the generator in case of flow disruption.

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