Heated breathing circuits for active humidification

DEAS offers a complete range of phthalate-free breathing circuits, with one or two heating limbs, suitable for all types of ventilators and for Fisher & Paykel MR730, HC500, MR810, MR850, HC550, WILAmed Aircon and Flexicare FL-9000 active humidifiers for hospital or home use.

DEAS heated breathing circuits are available in a variety of configurations, with or without autofeed humidification chamber, and in three sizes (adult, pediatric and infant) to accommodate any clinical need.

All products are also available in sterile packaging.

Special custom-made configurations may be designed. OEM and OBL services are also available.

EN ISO 5367 Guidelines Safety and quality guaranteed
Glass smooth internal surface Reduced internal flow turbulence and reduced water stagnation which is cause of bacterial proliferation.
Reinforced tubing (ID 19, 15 and 11 mm) Low compliance. Ensures the respect of the ventilation parameters. No obstructions in the internal lumen. Better performances in HFO ventilation.
Welded Flex connectors Easy fit and less chance of disconnections
Transparency Easier observation in the circuit
Coextruded heated wire The limb is uniformly heated, without “cold spots”, preventing condensation build-up inside the circuit, the main cause of VAP (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia). Perfect electrical insulation thanks to the heating wire coextruded in the spiral of the tubing. Reduced risk associated with overheating. Reduced pressure drop, reduced turbulence in the circuit due to absence of internal heating wires.
Overmoulded flex connectors No leakage, perfect electrical insulation. Increased safety during the use.
Insulated temperture probe Improved temperature probe reading without environmental interferences. No risk of disconnection of the temperature probe.
Single use Reduced cross-contamination risk
Latex free No latex allergic reactions
Phthalates free Eliminates the risk of the exposure of patients to the leaching of toxic PVC plasticiser materials
Sterile package (optional) Increased safety

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Heated breathing circuits for active humidification

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