Full-face and nasal masks for NIV

Full-face and nasal masks for NIV

DEAS offers an extensive portfolio of high quality and cost effective non-invasive ventilation masks, in different models and sizes, to meet any clinical need and to enhance patient comfort.
The non-vented masks are designed to be used on ventilators with an active exhalation system or in conjuction with breathing circuits that have an intentional leak valve. The vented masks are compatible with ventilators without an active exhalation system, and have a built-in expiratory port that provides adequate CO2 wash-out.


  • Soft and smooth inner layer provides patient comfort and excellent airtight seal around the inhalation area
  • Contoured forehead support greatly reduces pressure to the nasal area
  • Clear mask allows a good view of mouth and nasal area
  • Low dead space results in low CO2 build up
  • Includes headgear with Velcro fasteners that provides maximum versatility and movement
  • Air pressure and O2 supply port
  • Autoclavable or single patient use
  • Available with or without air vents and anti-asphyxia valves
  • Latex Free
  • Phthalates Free

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