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Endoscopic Mask


A revolutionary mask that enables endoscopy during anesthesia or mechanical ventilation.

DEAS Endoscopic Mask is specifically designed with a flexible port positioned in an ideal part of the mask  to make nasal or oral insertion of endoscope tube easier for clinicians.


  • Flexible and Expandable Membrane Adjusts to different sizes of endoscope tube to minimize air leakage while allowing easy insertion for an endoscope tube.
  • Transparent Mask Body Easy for visual inspection to monitor patient's condition.
  • Resealable Port Cap Maintains the air seal when endoscope is not used.
  • Single Patient Use Minimizes the risk of cross contamination.
  • Standard 22F Connection Port Enables connection to tubing or connector.
  • CO2 or Pressure Monitoring Port 4.0 mm O.D. port for pressure or CO2 monitoring.
  • Soft Mask with Volume-Adjustable Air Cushion Enables adjustment of air volume in the air cushion to provide better comfort and seal.

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