Manual Breathing Units

Single use self-inflating manual resuscitator

A large selection of manual breathing units for anesthesia induction or ventilatory support. DEAS Mapleson C and F units feature an innovative APL valve with built-in pressure relief.
The DEAS new generation APL valve is made in compliance with the ISO 8835-2 Standard. The valve’s expiratory pressure increases by turning the knob clockwise; the knob has marks and stops for closed and open positions. The rotation of the cap acts progressively on a fenestrated cursor closing ​​the exhalation port. This allows the variation of the induction pressure in a simple yet precise way.
The valve is equipped with a pressure relief valve calibrated at 60 (version SR0XMC60) or at 40 cmH2O (version SR0XMC40).
The valve features a 30M/15M exhalation port.
All products come in a sealed plastic bags, non sterile, but can also be supplied in PE/paper pouches, sterile, for a safer use.

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