Catheter Mount and Cobb Connectors

DEAS offers a complete line of Phthalates free and Latex free catheter mounts for the connection of the breathing system to the patient. Smoothbore or extendable tubing, in different lengths, with a variety of fixed swivels connectors, suction and bronchoscopy cap to meet any specific demand.

Many combination possibilities with HMEs and filters.

All products can be supplied in PE/paper pouches, sterile or non sterile, or in sealed plastic bags.


BS 7143 Guidelines Safety and quality guaranteed
Welded connectors Less chance of disconnection
Single use Reduced cross-contamination risk
Latex free No latex allergic reactions
Phthalates free Eliminates the risk of the exposure of patients to the leaching of toxic PVC plasticiser materials
Sterile package (optional) Increased safety

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