DEAS offers a complete range of phthalates free breathing circuits including smoothbore, corrugated and extendable tubing in hundreds of models for any kind of ventilator in ICU, Anesthesia, Emergency, Neonatology, and Home Care.
All types of breathing circuits may be customized in length or including accessories (i.e. water traps, reservoir bags, gas sampling lines, masks, filters etc) to meet any specific clinical need.
Safety and quality are assured by the products’ compliance with European Standards as given in EN ISO 5367 Guidelines.
All products are also available in sterile packaging.
Special custom-made configurations may be designed.
OEM and OBL services are also available.

Coaxial breathing circuits

  • Single limb design for simplified set up
  • Patients’ exhaled breath acts as a thermal wrap to maintain temperature
  • Bonded inspiratory limb
  • Patient-end elbow connector with CO2 monitoring port
  • Blue corrugated inner tubing for easy visualization of the system’s integrity
  • Integral CO2 monitoring line (optional)


Features Benefits
EN 12342 Guidelines Safety and quality guaranteed
Latex Protein Free Hypoallergenic
Phthalates Free Eliminates the risk of the exposure of patients to the leaching of toxic PVC plasticiser materials
Smooth internal surface Lower internal flow turbolence and condensation
Welded Flex connectors No leakage and safer fit
Transparency Easier internal observation
Crush resistance More robust circuit with less accident of kinking
Lower flow resistance Enhanced usability
Lower compliance Enhanced usability
Sterile package Optional Safety
Clean Room packing Controlled manufacturing room (class 100.000) to minimise bacterial particular inclusion
CE mark The product is safe and approved to be sold in Europe
  The Performance of DEAS Breathing Circuits

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