Blocker Tubes

Blocker tubes

DEAS Blocker Tubes are designed to differentially intubate a patient’s bronchus in order to isolate the left or right lung for procedures that require one-lung ventilation. Compared with Double Lumen Tube, DEAS Blocker Tubes need only an ET Tube which is less traumatic and can be easily kept in for postoperative ventilation.


  • 5 Fr, 7 Fr, 9 Fr sizes that meet all clinical needs from pediatric to adult
  • Ultrathin cuff is made from PU in medical grade, 0.028 mm thickness, comfortable and soft. It creates a superior seal and reduces microaspiration. When deflated it is very close to the blocker tube, so it can pass ETT easily
  • Twist lock design for easy operation and secure locking
  • Single use
  • Latex and DEHP Free
  • EO Sterile

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