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Our range of products includes:

  • Active humidification: smoothbore heated breathing circuits, autofeed humidification chambers
  • Aerosol and oxygentherapy: aerosol and oxygen masks, nebulizers, mouthpieces, oxygen cannulas, masks and oxygen cannulas for ETCO2 sampling
  • Airway management: laryngeal masks, tracheal tubes, bronchial tubes, blocker tubes, laryngoscope blades, oro-nasopharyngeal airways, tracheal tube introducers and guides, stylets
  • Breathing circuits: anaesthesia, coaxial breathing circuits, ICU, emergency, Home Care, CPAP, tubing
  • Catheter mount and Cobb connectors: fixed, with cap, double swivel, with Luer Lock port for CO2
  • Connectors: straight, elbow, T pieces
  • Filters and HMEs: bacterial viral, hepa, artificial noses, for spirometry
  • Fixation devices: mask harnesses, fixation bands for tracheostomy cannula and ET tubes
  • Manual breathing units: mapleson C,  mapleson F, resuscitation bags
  • Masks and accessories: anesthesia masks, full-face and nasal masks for NIV, resuscitation masks, CPAP masks, monitoring lines, breathing exercisers, endoscopic masks
  • Oral Care: suction toothbrush, oral care swabs
  • Reservoir bags: antistatic, silicone, disposable
  • Tracheal suction: catheters, valves, tubing, closed suction systems
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